Checking These Areas for Lumps Can Help Catch Lymphoma Early



This video from TakeaPITStop uses a Barbie doll to demonstrate how lymphoma patients often discover their lumps. During Barbie’s usual beauty routine of shaving, moisturizing and applying fake tan she notices a lump near her collarbone.

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Although she thought it could be just a cyst she decides to get it checked out by her doctor and after several tests, she’s diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. The video goes on to detail some of the common symptoms of the disease including fatigue, persistent lumps in the neck, armpits or groin, intensive itching, and night sweats. It explains that lymphoma is the most common cancer in people under the age of 30 and advises young people to check their neck, armpits, and groin regularly for any lumps and get anything unusual checked out by their doctor.

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One comment

  1. Sam says:

    My sister was Dx with NHL age 28 and 32 wks pregnant at time of Dx, enlarged spleen and no palpable detectable nodes. She had baby vag delivery at 41wks and had a seizure 6 months into tx and had CNS involvement which seemed to puzzle the doctors and team. She was tx aggressively and told following baby birth that things became far worse and “never seen before”. The baby girl had enlarged liver at 3 mos of age and Dx with neuroblastoma stage 4s and is alive well with no symptoms past age 4yrs at regular follow ups and scans of chest and and liver scarring of prev lesions..tumours? She is now near 21yrs age and I’m worried of what to watch out for as far as Cancer and her health. Would there be a concern of recurrent Neuroblastoma or a HL, NHL? Tough to predict or would you have any professional advice or related research if possible to provide it to me in your very much appreciated if so. I thank you in advance.

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