Lymphoma Research Foundation Launches Mobile App for Patients

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A new mobile application (app) has been launched by the Lymphoma Research Foundation, becoming the first resource of its kind for caregivers and patients who suffer from lymphoma. The app is called “Focus On Lymphoma” and it offers comprehensive content for patients and caregivers depending on the subtype of lymphoma, as well as resources to facilitate the management of lymphoma diagnosis and treatment.

“Focus On Lymphoma” is already available at the Google Play and Apple stores free of charge. Using the app, patients are able to record sessions with their physicians, keep track of medication, follow blood work results and report side effects from the treatment. The app is divided into three sections, which are titled “Learn”, “Track”, and “Connect” to meet the patients’ and caregivers’ needs.

On the section “Learn” users can find content about the specific subtype and stage of lymphoma, including information on diagnosis, treatment, clinical trials and survivorship. Patients can also e-mail any content to physicians or caregivers while there is a section of notes for patients to register questions and review them later. The “Track” section of the app is focused on customized resources for patients to more easily manage their disease.

These include a medicine manager to track medication schedules and set reminders; a blood counts section to chart blood work results; a symptoms tracker to record the severity of the symptoms, and a doctor sessions tool box to facilitate appointments with healthcare providers. In addition, the “Connect” section can be used to provide patients with resources from the Lymphoma Research Foundation, such as the LRF Helpline, Lymphoma Support Network, chapters’ network, educational programs, advocacy resources and others.

Learn more about the “Focus On Lymphoma” app here:

Learn more about lymphoma here:

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