#TBT – Sofia Vergara & Joe Manganiello Donation For Cancer Research

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Actress Sofia Vergara and actor Joe Manganiello got married last November 21 in Palm Beach, Florida and put together a huge wedding party.

But instead of getting wedding gifts to celebrate their union, the couple asked their guests to donate to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, a center that focus on helping children with cancer.

Just in two days, the “fundraising” received more than $16.000. Although it started with Sofia and Joe guests, anyone could contribute even if they weren’t part of the celebration, which made the dollar amount go even higher.

If you’re planning to get married and want your wedding gift to be donations to St. Jude, you can also do it. There’s a website specially dedicated for this purpose.

“Weddings for St. Jude” is designated for anyone who wants their wedding guests to donate to the children hospital. St. Jude’s have treatment programs for brain tumors, leukemia and lymphoma, infectious diseases, blood disorders, sickle cell disease and solid tumors.

If you want to help and donate to St. Jude’s research, you can follow the link here: http://bit.ly/1NN0Beg

Learn more about leukemia and lymphoma: http://bit.ly/1LNqpMd

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