Showing Off My Cancer Tattoos

Showing Off My Cancer Tattoos

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I had already begun the tattoo addiction on my right arm before being diagnosed with lymphoma. Once diagnosed and well into treatment, I knew that getting a tattoo once I completed treatment was a must. Although I didn’t yet know exactly what I wanted.

Following my chemo treatment, I was on blood thinners, so my cancer tattoo had to wait a little, which meant I had more time to decide what would be a good permanent representation of my experience with lymphoma.

Sunflower body painting. (Courtesy of Radiant Racheli)

I wanted my tattoo to have meaning and depth, while still being a beautiful piece of art on my skin that I will have on me forever. A part of me knew that my new tattoo was going to somehow involve a sunflower because that was my mascot through treatment. It was a symbol to remind me to keep looking up at the sun and not at the shadows. I also wanted the amount of chemo I completed to be represented, along with some sort of awareness about the kind of cancer I had without flat out putting a ribbon on this specific piece (the ribbon tattoo comes later).

So, about six months after completing all treatments, and triple checking with my oncologist, the time came and I got my first color tattoo.

Elements of my first tattoo dedicated to my experience with cancer include:

(Courtesy of Radiant Racheli)
  • A sunflower to remind me to stand tall, stay positive, and always face the light.
  • Twelve completed leaves (you’ll notice the rest are not fully closed or full) to represent the 12 rounds of chemotherapy that I completed.
  • Lavender (Hodgkin’s lymphoma’s ribbon color) drops of watercolor to represent and raise awareness for HL.

Over a year after I got this beautiful sunflower, I decided to get a ribbon tattoo as well. Two of my best friends, both lymphoma survivors, got a matching tattoo on the outside of their wrist and asked me to join in on the fun! In September 2017, Blood Cancer Awareness Month, I took the plunge and got a lavender ribbon!

(Courtesy of Radiant Racheli)

There you have it! My two tattoos that represent my journey and remind me of where I’ve been! I highly advise that if you are looking to get a tattoo after you complete treatment — whether you want to cover up a port scar or want a daily reminder of what you’ve been through — please consult with your doctors and fill in your tattoo artist on all of your medical history.

Do you have a tattoo that commemorates your cancer experience? Share it in the comments below!


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Radiant Racheli is an inspiring cancer survivor looking to spread smiles all over the internet by making video blogs on how to fight adversity with positivity and raises awareness for young adults with cancer. Racheli was diagnosed with Lymphoma at age 21 and video blogged her entire journey in its raw form. She laughs, she dances, she cries and, most importantly, she reminds us that everything is going to be okay.


    • PAM DAVENPORT says:

      im one of the lucky ones that they cant find any chemo to touch mine im stage 4 when they found it im over 90 % now my tattoo is angle wings with my ribbon n the middle of it im glad u all won your fight, my prayers to all of u …. PD

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