The Lymphoma Association Explains What Lymphoma Is


In this video from the Lymphoma Association, Dr. Andrew Davies, a consultant in medical oncology at the University of Southampton in the U.K., explains what lymphoma is and how it affects patients.

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Dr. Davies begins by explaining what cancer is, including that lymphoma is cancer of the lymphatic system. He goes on to discuss how the lymphatic system works and how lymphoma affects it. Swelling of the lymph nodes is normal when the body is fighting infection (the lymph nodes in the neck may swell if you have a cold or the flu), but in lymphoma, the swelling doesn’t go down and more healthy cells become affected.

There are different types of lymphoma which are categorized by the types of cells affected. The two main subtypes being Hodgkin’s lymphoma and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

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  1. PAM DAVENPORT says:

    hello my name is pam davenport , i have nhl ive had its sence 2014 but im sure a year earier cause now one would try to find out why i was so sick , anyway ive been through so many chemos and almost died a few times, i haven had any chemo coming up on a year soon and my dr dont seem to want to find me anything im not ready to die yet i fight every day and will keep on fighting im 63 my blood counts r on the floor , bad i just want to no why no one is trying to help us with nhl i hear about all these other new drugs coming out but none for nhl im also missing a dna chromazone p 17 what ever that is i live in indiana dont have any money government ins, but seems no one wants to help us poor people its all abtut the money n my eyes , why !!!!!! ????? tks pam davenport

  2. Bob says:

    I saw started on Zydelig recently and it is helping. The swollen nodes have disappeared. I am on my fourth round (4 months). Expensive though.

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