5 Advanced Symptoms of Lymphoma


According to the Lymphoma Coalition, there are five advanced symptoms of the disease.

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1. Sometimes, it’s possible for people to feel some pain in their lymph nodes after ingesting some alcohol.

2. If the lymphoma affects the lymphatic tissue near the abdomen, stomach or bowel, it’s possible that some fluid may build up and lead to swelling near the intestines, which may cause sensations of pain, abdominal pressure, indigestion and/or diarrhea.

3. An enlarged lymph node can sometimes cause other symptoms because of the pressing it causes against the vein (swelling of an arm or leg) or against the nerve (numbness, pain, or tingling in an arm or leg).

4. Some people may experience unexplained pain in the lower back. It’s believed that this can be caused because of the expanding lymph nodes pressing on nerves.

5. With the lymphoma progression and as cancerous lymphocytes spread beyond the lymphatic system, the body starts to lose its ability to fight infection. The effects of this can be confused with signs of tuberculosis, influenza, other cancers or other infections such as infectious mononucleosis.

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  1. andrea leonelli says:

    Hi I have been living with malt lymphoma and halves-1 and Hep c and chronic heavy metals . I keep helping people to understand the importance of diet and exercise and meditation. If there is anyway I can help please do not hesitate to contact me.

  2. Tommy Wood says:

    Funny how I clicked on the link for ( the importance of pet and Ct scans for lymphoma ) and it has been removed.Insurance companies are not covering scans as they should be (go figure) I have Large B cell lymphoma and it came back in March 2015 and the ONLY way It was found was with a pet scan on my regular checkup .I had no symptoms whatsoever with no swelling of the node.Now my scans have been stopped because of insurance.Can you do a large scale article on pet and Ct scans and how they affect detection in lymphoma?

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