Imbruvica Improves Quality of Life of Relapsed or Refractory Mantle Cell Lymphoma Patients, Trial Shows

Imbruvica Improves Quality of Life of Relapsed or Refractory Mantle Cell Lymphoma Patients, Trial Shows

Patients with relapsed or refractory mantle cell lymphoma have a better quality of life with Imbruvica (ibrutinib) than Torisel (temsirolimus), a Phase 3 clinical trial suggests.

The finding was published in the journal Leukemia & Lymphoma. The title of the study was “Health-related quality-of-life data from a phase 3, international, randomized, open-label, multicenter study in patients with previously treated mantle cell lymphoma treated with ibrutinib versus temsirolimus.

Mantle cell lymphoma, or MCL, is an aggressive B-cell malignancy with no cure. Fewer than 50 percent of patients achieve a complete response to current therapies, with the duration of response generally ranging from 18 months to three years.

The Phase 3 RAY trial (NCT01646021) assessed the safety and effectiveness of Imbruvica, compared with Torisel . Previous studies had shown that Torisel increased the time it took for a patient’s disease to progress or a patient to die, compared with a therapy of investigators’ choice.

The Imbruvica versus Torisel study included 253 patients, 130 of whom received Imbruvica and 123 Torisel. Imbruvica reduced the risk of disease progression or death by 57 percent compared with Torisel,  according to the trial results – a showing considered statistically significant,

In addition, the trial showed that Imbruvica improved patients’ lymphoma symptoms, and did so faster than Torisel.

Researchers presented long-term results of the RAY trial at the International Conference on Malignant Lymphoma in Lugano, Switzerland, June 18-22.

Patients treated with Imbruvica lived a median of more than two years without their disease progressing, four times longer than those in the Torisel group, the team said. Their presentation was titled “Ibrutinib vs Temsirolimus: Three-Year Follow-Up of Patients with Previously Treated Mantle Cell Lymphoma From the Phase 3, International, Randomized, Open-Label Ray Study,

Researchers also decided to assess Imbruvica’s impact on patients’ quality of life, which they see as an additional measure of its effectiveness.

The yardsticks they used were patients’ scores on two questionnaires, the Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy-Lymphoma, or FACTLym, and EQ-5D-5L.

In both surveys, patients on Imbruvica reported greater improvements in their health-related quality of life than those on Torisel.

“A drug therapy must strike a balance that prevents or slows disease progression while keeping symptomatic toxicity at a manageable level,” the researchers wrote.

“This analysis demonstrates that the responses seen after [Imbruvica] therapy translate to a subjectively experienced benefit for the patient that is quickly observed. Additionally, patients on [Imbruvica] are achieving their response without the cost” of reduced well-being.

The study suggested that Imbruvica can help fight relapsed or refractory MCL, while maintaining or improving patients’ quality of life.

Alice Melão Editor
Alice Melão Editor

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  1. Darlene Zieja says:

    Does imbruvica work well with patients who have waldenstroms macroglobulienemia? What have the trials show . My husband was on it. Lowered his immune system so bad he had one infection after another. Dr. Was going to put him on a prophylactic ATB. But never did or forgot. Anyway he passed April 10,2017 only on drug from end of October I believe and he coughed up blood then another dr. Stopped it for several days, then restated it,then he got pneumonia, became malnourished n dehydrated. Had stomach pains but dr. Would not take him off protonix and start him on something different despite we begged him too. Seemed after this med and that med everything went down hill. His stomach burned several hours after taking the protonix but this oncologist would not listen to me or my husband. Finally in January got his primary to doc it after writing a nasty note to her. He was never given a flu shot or pnemonia shot this past year, neither dr. Could make up their minds as to whom should do what! He was in a hospital where our primary did not practice from. Run by hospitalist Drs. I’m very upset with everything. Rehab he went To didn’t give him his chemo meds properly… He missed doses like a half bottle worth in a month. Had pnemonia and UTI and they never did anything about it even though I asked for nurses to check him and have X-rays done. He was sent out for an IV transfusion of blood as his Hgb was 7.7 and he was lethargic when sent,leaning in w/c and sent by way of a shared ride taxi by himself. No attendants or did they call me to go with him I was only told to meet him there. I had an emergency at home that needed to be taken care of and so arrived an hour later. I did call and IV therapy said he was not doing well and told me how he arrived. I called rehab center and was told yes he was hard to arouse in am but we thought it was because of his Hgb being low. I’ve seen him lower and not that way! I was furious.,I’m sorry to give this longmexplanation but feel my husband died a wrongful death! I want to know where to begin with this! And what you feel as far as his being on imbruvica from his labs which I watched closely his counts were going up well once they decided to put a gastosotomy tube in for nourishment which was another thing that upset me as the oncologist new he was losing weight and only told him to drink boost. That isn’t going to put weight on anyone! I feel he was negligent in his death also. He malnourished for 2 months and in December was having seizure like activity which this oncologist seen and said it was being caused by his dehydration. In my 50 yrs of nursing I’ve never seen anyone go through that… Turning of eyes upward,pupils dilated ,couldn’t stand the bright light in Drs office first time it happend( aura of warning) tremors of upper and lower extremities. Non responsive.,staring into space,deep breathing. Very typical seizure to me. Was out for several minutes and then came too, was tired after. They did fluid IV over two hours on him. Please advise me on this. I can’t take this stress anymore wondering why nothing got done. He would cough up thick tannish gunk which has always been pnemonia in sign for him and the coughing and they blew it off as oh he always does that,this was the nurse practitioner who said that and she refused to get a chest stay or even come out and check him. Seen his dr. Couple days later and he did nothing either,stating I think it’s the waldenstroms. We went for plasmapherisis at hospital I couldn’t get anyone to do chest X-ray here either till the blood center nurse stepped in whom said he looked worse then several days before when she had to see him. They then called the cancer center and a on call came over to hospital. Checked him and said the cough was from reflux and he was on tale end of an upper respiratory that he had finished an ATB on the week before which was only Z pak that does nothing for anyone. As a pharmacist told me its a bandaid n gets you out of the office! But the next day I came home from work and my daughter said he’d been coughing all day and having issues,I presume hard to breathe. That night he ran a 100.7 temp and severe left side back pain. Calle don call and it was same dr. He told us to go to emergency room immediately. We drove 35 minutes away at 2 AM to find out he had pnemonia in left lung and staring in right. He was admitted! Could have saved this if they would have listened to us a few days before. Same as nursing home, coughing night before,I told nurse she was going to check and even stated u think pnemonia and I said yes. She never called me as I asked her too. And sure enough he was admitted that day after his transfusion with a UTI and double pnemonia.! I’m very pissed off right now. I am so close to filing a lawsuit! And then after he passed his oncologist had the audacity to send me a card and tell me it was the disease that killed him not the other that it had gone rampant. Would not an infection cause the cancer to go wild! And they stopped the imbruvica on him a day after he was admitted to hospital. Was in ICU got his chemo med Friday,Saturday, Sunday and when moved to another floor Sunday night it was stopped the next day. Rat of week is history he sided the following Monday. Please help me to understand this. I’m stressed with bills, need to file bankruptcy losing my whole life.

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