Dispelling the Most Common Cancer Prevention Myths


In this video from the American Cancer Society, the organization debunks some of the most popular myths associated with preventing cancer.

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Many people believe there isn’t much you can do to prevent cancer and that it’s part of one big genetic lottery. However, Registered Dietitian Colleen Doyle explains there are things you can do to reduce your chances of developing cancer like quitting smoking, eating a well-balanced diet and maintaining a healthy weight.

There are others who believe that eating certain superfoods and drinking green tea and coffee will reduce your risk of cancer, but there aren’t any studies that back up claims that any one type of food will help prevent the disease.

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  1. Kathleen Belanger says:

    While epigenetics play a role, what you ingest and your surrounding environment are equally important. Everyone should be eating organic, non-gmo food, and we should NOT have to pay more to eat this. We SHOULD pay more to eat the pesticides, chemicals, antibiotics, synthetics, etc. which are in our day-to-day food. While everyone should be eating quality food, how can you with what our government allows in our food supply chain. For example, a regular apple has 27 known pesticides yet FDA allows it. Cancer is expected to be a ratio of 1:2 in the future. Just look at the obituaries now, and you will start to notice how many are dying from cancer every day. Why? You are what you eat (yes, dna too). Our body can’t digest golf balls, insects, rodents, oil, plastics, petroleum, etc. FDA needs to quit partnering with these companies and look out for the American public. It’s amazing to me how people will protest over any little thing, but they haven’t protested about how tainted our food supply is or even demanded that the American public should be eating organic, non-gmo. Each and every one of us should be protesting the quality of our food, but we won’t until every one of us is affected by some type of cancer in our family/children/friends or even ourselves, and we will be wondering why? Projections are we will be living less longer than our ancestors. Let’s give the next generation a chance to live as long as our grandparents, parents have/had. It’s never too late to take a stand, which will have a long-lasting impact on lives to come. Why should we settle for less than quality food? While it’s a part of the equation with cancer, it’s a very important part. Think about it…

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