#cancerfilm Sue’s Story – Dealing With Her Big Brother Burkitt’s Lymphoma

In this video from cancerfilms.org watch Sue talks about her big brother fighting Burkitt’s lymphoma. Her story is about not just the loss of her brother, but what that loss meant to her life and how it changed her.

“You have to sit with that. It’s there. It’s terrible. Then you have to start a new life and that’s a task—it’s a job. You have to get up every day…and you have to figure out where that loss fits in your life. How do you make an enduring connection with that person who is gone? Bring them back to life? How are they in your life in a new way?”

For Sue, that meant becoming a doctor in palliative care and a volunteer with the American Cancer Society.

If you wish to learn more about lymphoma access here: http://bit.ly/1UwWKe6

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