Explaining Lymphedema



In this short educational video from the Compton Hospice in Wolverhampton, U.K., the lymphatic disease lymphedema is explained along with how to treat the condition. There are approximately 100,000 people in the U.K. who are affected by lymphedema.

Find out about new and future treatments in store for lymphoma patients.

Lymphedema is an incurable disease that can affect anyone. People who have undergone treatment for lymphoma are at a higher risk, because the medications used may block the lymphatic system and hinder its normal function. The disease usually manifests itself as swelling in either the legs or arms and can be a debilitating disease if not treated early. When lymphedema is developed as a result of cancer treatment, the symptoms may not arise for months, if not years, after completion of treatment. Because of this, patients need to be vigilant and contact their healthcare team as soon as they notice anything out of the ordinary.

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