Londonderry Fire Department Gather to Help Firefighter with Lymphoma

It’s quite a tradition for the Londonderry Fire Department to employ generation after generation of the same families. But now the whole department has gathered as a real family to help fight lymphoma. Like many others, Zach O’Brien is a member of the Londonderry Fire Department and a third generation firefighter in his family. However, instead of fighting fires, he is currently fighting lymphoma but he has the full support of his comrades, who await his return.

“You feel a lump in your throat and you think it’s nothing. You just go to the doctors assuming that it’s gonna be nothing. Cancer is the last thing you expect at 22-years-old,” stated Zach in this video shared in the VMUR-TV YouTube channel. The son of the Londonderry Fire Department chief, who has been a firefighter since 2014, was diagnosed with stage three Hodgkins lymphoma last February.

Helping Zach get treatment for lymphoma is the main priority at this point, explains his firefighter father. To do so, the group held an event at a restaurant which offered 50% of the dinner proceeds to help O’Brien with medical costs. They also shaved their heads and wore t-shirts saying “O’Brien Strong” to support the firefighter.

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