Tony Iommi, Still Fighting Lymphoma, to Quit Touring After ‘End’

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The iconic musician Tony Iommi has been battling lymphoma since 2012 and has decided that this current tour will be his last. The 68-year-old English guitarist for the band Black Sabbath recently spoke about the diagnosis and his struggle with lymphoma, as well as the decision to soon leave life on the road to take care of his health.

“The End” tour has Black Sabbath playing across the United Kingdom and around Europe through February 2017, and it will serve as farewell for Iommi, who was diagnosed while the band was preparing its studio album “13”. “I didn’t even know if I was going to be there to finish the album,” Iommi said in an interview with The Sun.

“We had to rehearse and write it at the studio in my house. The aim was to get it done while I was having the treatment. It was tough but it took my mind off what I was going through,” he said. “Since I was diagnosed, it’s affected everything. As far as touring’s concerned, this is it for me. When we’ve finished, I want to take a break and live a bit of a life, hopefully.”

Iommi is feeling stable right now, but the road’s demands — hours of traveling, flights around the world, and unpredictable routines — takes a toll on his health. According to the guitarist, he loves performing, but he is tired and can no longer fly around.

In addition, Iommi needs to undergo tests every six weeks. He was treated for lymphoma with chemotherapy and radiation therapy, and his health has greatly improved in recent years. When he finished the treatments, however, he announced that he would be fighting lymphoma for the rest of his life. Regarding his plans for after this final tour ends, Iommi said he is eager to be home and lead a calm life.

“I like to do what most people do — go out with friends and family and have a meal and a drink. Go for walks with the dogs, just normal stuff. I like the idea of all that because it’s very different from the life we’ve led on the road for so many years. When I come home, I can get back to eating properly and doing all the things to keep myself on track.”

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