Make-A-Wish: Beach ‘Bows Help a Dream Come True


Meet Grace Kelso. She’s a young girl from Idaho,  a sports lover who likes to be active, have fun and enjoy life to the full. Unfortunately, Grace is not as healthy as she should be. She’s a Hodgkin’s lymphoma fighter but she always had a dream of playing beach volleyball.  Even better than just playing beach volleyball, would be playing at the University of Hawaii and she had that dream come true.

To help Grace with her dream the Make-A-Wish foundation flew her and her family to Hawaii so she could play on a beautiful beach with one of her favorite volleyball teams – the Rainbow Wahine. Grace played with the ‘Bows and even got some tips from the team. But for what it’s worth, Grace is a natural in volleyball and also a great inspiration to everyone. Jeff Hall, the head coach of Rainbow Wahine Beach Volleyball, said Grace is teaching the team as much as she is learning from them.

The teenager from Idaho confessed that the trip was even more than she could have hoped for.


Learn more about Hodgkin’s lymphoma:

To watch a video of the event and read more about this inspirational story go to where you can find the full article.

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