5 Cancer Myths Debunked



When you look the word “cancer” up on the internet, you’ll likely find yourself overwhelmed by the millions of pages you can find. What’s worrying is that many, if not most, of these pages are inaccurate or just plain misleading.

It’s difficult as a patient to distinguish fact from fiction, news from hope, and breakthroughs from miracles. In this clip, the team will be analyzing and debunking several myths about cancer.

1. Cancer is a man-made disease, made recently.

People today are more conscious and aware, so most know that this statement is false. Cancer has existed for as long as humans have. Be that as it may, cancer has become more prominent due to an increase in our general health over the years, and as we age it’s normal for DNA damage to happen in our cells. This damage over the years can lead to the development of cancer.

People sometimes make this man-made claim because of recent events, such as industrialization, smoking (accountable for 20 percent of all cancer deaths in the U.K.), lifestyle, and dietary changes over the years. There are also plenty of natural causes for cancer, including viruses and bacteria.

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