7 Possible Lymphoma Treatments You Should Know About

7 Possible Lymphoma Treatments You Should Know About

6. Bone Marrow and Stem Cell Transplants (Experimental Lymphoma Treatment)


Stem cell transplant is a novel and investigational treatment which uses patients’ own cells to create new cells and transplant them back into the body. The stem cells contained in bone marrow are collected before chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and patients will be able to receive higher doses of the treatments. This possibility happens because the aggressive chemo or radiotherapy will kill both lymphoma and healthy cells, but the patients will later receive the transplant of stem cells, which had been frozen and stored. The bone marrow and stem cell transplants are more common in cases of remission with a high probability of recurrence, second remission, or treatment-resistant lymphoma.

Recently, researchers found that the survival rate of specific follicular lymphoma patients might improve with stem cell transplant.

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