Cancer Has Inspired Me to Be Better

Cancer Has Inspired Me to Be Better

overcoming adversity

We cancer survivors, especially the young adults, need to accept that gaining our lives back after cancer treatment may not be feasible. There’s this whole thing called the “new normal” — cancer has changed our lives for better or worse.

Aiming for positive legacies from cancer is an essential facet of molding your new normal for the better. I strive to use my cancer journey as a catalyst for affecting people around me in positive ways — including myself. Cancer has provided me the opportunity to improve my life while making a deep impact on our society.

I discovered my mental health  

Before and after. (Courtesy of Radiant Racheli)

Cancer’s influence on mental health is one of the first things that most oncologists discuss with a newly diagnosed patient. The doctors might even prescribe anxiety medication, as anxiety is a disorder common to patient experiences both during and post-cancer (and often before the diagnosis).

Rather than restricting myself to mental health stigmas, I’ve found that the healthiest and most beneficial way to better myself has been to embrace the anxiety and actively work on it. There are so many ways to attack the disorder. Oncologist offices and cancer centers likely have mental health support, whether for newly diagnosed patients or those trying to navigate survivorship and post-traumatic stress disorder. I also find that as much as speaking to someone helps, journaling is also wildly beneficial. There’s always room for improving one’s mental health, and sometimes a cancer diagnosis gets that kickstarted!

I practice gratitude and mindfulness 

Faced with a life-threatening circumstance, one of my first inclinations was to practice gratitude for each day. Life is a gift, right? I did gratitude journaling to keep my head in the right space. I’ve found that this is perfect for bettering myself while exploring my new normal. The aftermath of a diagnosis isn’t the easiest, but I can say that I am bettering myself every day by being conscious of what I have to be grateful for.

I’ve developed better habits

Enjoying nature and exercising my lungs! (Courtesy of Radiant Racheli)

As for my diet and appreciation for physical activity, I think my diagnosis really improved the way that I take care of myself. With the help of my husband and his healthy exercise habits, I have been getting into the groove of going to the gym regularly, not just to lose weight but also to get my lungs back in shape from the harsh long-term side effects of chemo. I have also become vegan. I was vegetarian-organic before my treatment but have taken the initiative, after extensive research, to better my health through food.

I make it my mission to better the lives of others. I am an open book about my journey so that I can hopefully help at least one other person get through this traumatic diagnosis.

There’s not a right or wrong way to “do cancer.” But I believe that as long as you take control and actively work to better yourself through any adversity, you can create progress and the world that you want to live in.


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Radiant Racheli is an inspiring cancer survivor looking to spread smiles all over the internet by making video blogs on how to fight adversity with positivity and raises awareness for young adults with cancer. Racheli was diagnosed with Lymphoma at age 21 and video blogged her entire journey in its raw form. She laughs, she dances, she cries and, most importantly, she reminds us that everything is going to be okay.

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  1. Michael Kearney says:

    Dear RR:
    I discovered your UTubes recently when I went looking for info about Ports. I don’t have one; They want me to have one. I’m still deciding. Next opportunity in my tiny town in the middle of nowhere is September. I’ll see.

    But, to keep it short, I’m not calling myself a survivor yet, I’m a Surviving. It’s been a few years with Lots of medical stuff and I won’t bore you. I am supposed to be on the way out but that’s Their plan; my plan is Not to be on the way out but on the way Somewhere! Your story has inspired me even at this point in my Life career (I’m quite old – had the Big Seven Oh a few weeks ago and it was painless. I even had a homemade cheesecake with delicious icing from my friends at work The Nobel Foresters. My daughter is part of my support but she lives far away and we can’t do much about that. You remind me of her. Anyway, Thank You for being Crazy Brave Human Person. Until I found this blog I was afraid that things hadn’t turned out OK because I couldn’t find anything since 2015 but I see now they have turned quite Wonderfully for you!!!! That makes me happy 🙂 I will probably run out of the 500 word limit in a nano so Bye and thanks again.

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