My DIY Cancer-Free Party

My DIY Cancer-Free Party

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In my previous articles and videos, I’ve mentioned the importance of celebrating each victory that comes with cancer. I know it’s sometimes hard to come up with ideas of how to celebrate these days for which you never thought you would have to plan a party. When the end of my treatment for Hodgkin’s lymphoma snuck up on me, my family and I decided we should probably throw a big party to celebrate with all our family and friends. I finally finished my chemo regimen and could attempt to go back to normal!

Here, I share with you specific creative ideas I executed for my big party, in hopes that you, too, can throw one when you are cancer-free!

(Courtesy of Radiant Racheli)

I knew I needed to have a custom-made cake with sunflowers on it, so I reached out to a friend of mine who makes cakes and bought all the ingredients she needed. We met at her house to craft this beautiful sunflower cake. Don’t forget to add the cancer awareness touch to it!

We also baked cookies in the shape of cancer ribbons and made a cute little sign that said, “Survival is sweet, take a treat!” The color theme of the party was lavender because that’s the color of the cancer ribbon for Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

(Courtesy of Radiant Racheli)

Next, we planned drinks for the party. I was inspired by our calling the chemo a “cocktail,” so we incorporated the names of my chemo into the drinks. I decided on four different drinks and created cocktails for each one. We made sure to have a non-alcoholic drink as well, which I placed in the “B” dispenser since I ended up stopping Bleomycin halfway through. I also made a red drink and got syringes to make it look like the Adriamycin that I received in my chemo regimen.

(Courtesy of Radiant Racheli)

After the drinks, it was time to plan the photobooth props! I made a various amount of props with sayings related to my cancer journey! These could be customized to you and your experience. They are a great way to document the celebration and get beautiful pictures with the people who mean the most to you!

(Courtesy of Radiant Racheli)

My cancer-free party was one of the most important and special things I got to plan. When diagnosed with a life-threatening disease like cancer, you aren’t totally sure that you’ll ever get to hear the words “cancer-free.” While survivorship is a journey of its own, I think celebrating each victory is wildly important.

Please comment below how you celebrated your remission and if you took any ideas from my party to make your day extra special!


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