Beyoncé Fulfills Teenage Cancer Patient’s Dying Wish

Ebony Banks was battling a rare stage 4 cancer when her friends and classmates at Alief Hastings High School in Houston decided to try and do something really special for her.

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According to a report from MTV, Ebony (or Ebob, as she’s known to her friends) was a huge Beyoncé fan and had always wanted to meet her, so her friends used social media to try and reach the star with the hope that she would contact Ebony.

Using the hashtag #EbobMeetsBeyonce the high school seniors managed to seized the attention of Beyoncé’s PR team. Beyoncé subsequently called Ebony on FaceTime.

Ebony spent much of the past year in a hospital in Houston receiving treatment. Concerned that she would miss her graduation, her friends held a special graduation ceremony in the hospital for her. It was only a few days later that they were all surprised when Beyoncé reached out to the teenager for a personal chat.

Sadly, Ebony passed away days later on March 26.

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