J.K. Rowling Replies to Heartbreaking Letter from Cancer Patient’s Mother

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Letters Live is a London event where celebrities are invited to read out loud “remarkable letters written over the centuries and from around the world”.

Last Sunday, Carey Mulligan decided to read a heartbreaking letter from the mother of a cancer patient to J. K. Rowling, stating how her books and the Harry Potter world helped her little girl face her cancer diagnosis. Chrisy Hart, the author of the letter, also said the books helped her to deal with the imminent loss of her daughter.

Unfortunately, the super fan daughter had passed away 2 days prior to the Letters Live event.

After being made aware of this, J.K. Rowling took to Twitter to respond directly to Chrissy Hart. See the response below.

Learn more about lymphoma here: http://bit.ly/1UwWKe6



Read the full letter here: http://ti.me/21wFCU3

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