What You Need to Know About Follicular Lymphoma

The most common type of blood cancer is lymphoma, which is developed by a defect in the white blood cells called lymphocytes, and can be classified as Hodgkin or non-Hodgkin lymphoma, according to its characteristics. The lymphocytes multiply and enlarge abnormally, rather than leaving space for new cells. The follicular lymphoma is a non-Hodgkin type of lymphoma, originated in the B-cells and it is the most common form of slow-growing disease.

About 20% of all non-Hodgkin lymphomas are follicular lymphomas, which can develop in any part of the body, causing symptoms like swollen lymph nodes. However, patients who suffer from the disease don’t usually experience strong or obvious symptoms for a long time prior to the diagnosis, due to the indolent character of the lymphoma. The progression of the disease depends on a series of factors, but it is usually not a threat for patients’ lives until being in a very advanced stage, which can take years.

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