Last Week’s Hot Topic on Lymphoma


Last week’s hot Topic on Lymphoma was the Promising Follicular Lymphoma Treatments Include New Agents and Drug Combinations written by Charles Moore.

The article is centered around the promising follicular lymphoma treatments and new agents and drug combinations for the so-called “indolent” forms of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, such as follicular lymphoma (FL) that are not currently curable. Although the prognosis is still very good, with many patients living 20 years or more following an initial diagnosis, over time, some patients with FL may eventually develop a transformed lymphoma, which is often more aggressive and usually requires more intensive types of treatment.

Thanks to the work of physicians and researchers in the Weill Lymphoma Program’s REDLAMPReview of Emerging Data for Lymphoma Patients and Dr. John Leonard, M.D., we can learn more about the characteristics, treatment, prognosis, outcomes and mortality in elderly follicular lymphoma patients.

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