Family Video Donates $4.7 Million For Lymphoma Research

Family Video Donates $4.7 Million For Lymphoma Research

Over the past four years, The University of Chicago Medicine & the Lymphoma Research Foundation has received a total of $4.7 million from Family Video on behalf of the Round It Up for Lymphoma campaign. All the money donated has been used to fund lymphoma patient education and research programs in the hope of finding a cure for the disease.

Family Video is the US’ largest movie and game rental chain, and has played a leading role in the fight against lymphoma, the most common type of blood cancer in adults. Keith Hoogland, President of Family Video was recently awarded with the 2015 “Hope Award,” which recognizes the continued efforts of the Round It Up for Lymphoma campaign. This year, the campaign raised a total of $1.3 million for the University of Chicago Medicine and the Lymphoma Research Foundation.

A total of $4.7 million in donations were raised since Round It Up for Lymphoma’s 2012 launch with the aim of eliminating lymphoma and providing support for people who suffer from the disease.

The Lymphoma Biobank established by the Hoogland family in 2013 houses vital tissue samples for scientists to develop new technology and treatments to provide better quality of life to patients. Customers at Family Video from the 13th until the 29th of March donated to the program by rounding up their rental or sale transactions to the closest dollar. Other contributions included grassroots events and local businesses donations.

For some customers and employees, these days are a chance for family and friends suffering with lymphoma to share their life stories. Family Video President Keith Hoogland noted in a recent news release, “We are incredibly grateful to our customers, who have once again shown their generosity for this important cause. Continued support of the Lymphoma Biobank and the Lymphoma Research Foundation will truly make a difference in the fight against this disease – a difference made possible by the people who come into our stores.”

“Year after year, Family Video continues to demonstrate an incredible commitment to raising funds and awareness for lymphoma,” added Meghan Gutierrez, Chief Executive Officer of the Lymphoma Research Foundation in the news release. “The funds raised by Family Video and their generous patrons support the Lymphoma Research’s Foundation’s mission to eradicate lymphoma and serve those touched by this disease, and promise to bring us one step closer to a cure for this blood cancer.”

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